The twelve best computer chairs of different types and tips for choosing

12 best computer chairs of different types and selection tips.

On the comfort and proper selection of computer chairs depends on the health of the person who may spend many hours at the desk in a chair. This review of more successful models of computer chairs and tips for their selection, will help you choose a good option for your home or office.

The selection of products made on the basis of reviews, views and assessments of users, placed on different resources on the Web. All information was taken from public sources. We do not cooperate with manufacturers and brands, and do not urge to buy one or another product. This article is for informational purposes only.

What computer chair is better to buy.

Virtually all computer chairs – a design consisting of a mass of complex parts. Any of these – from the upholstery material to the armrests – have an impact on durability, usability, orthopedic performance, and aesthetics.

Upholstery material.

1. Fabric.

Fabric upholstery is a popular, durable, affordable material. It is easily absorbent and breathable. Most fabrics have a porous structure, which hides foam, which absorbs dust and dirt. Therefore, high-quality cleaning such upholstery – difficult and not quick procedure. Composite fabrics are deprived of this defect.

2. Leather.

Leather upholstery – the sign of quality and status of furniture. It is highly durable, resistant to temperature, easy to clean, actually does not stretch. The exception – a narrow Lycra leather, which quickly deteriorates from brutal influences. But leather and leatherette are not resistant to scratches, clearly visible on their surface. These damages are very difficult to camouflage. Also worth mentioning is not always a pleasant tactile sensation, specifically sticking in hot weather.

Leather armchair.

3. Eco leather.

This is a polyurethane-based material similar to real leather. It is vapor permeable, easy to wash, emits no harmful substances. Is a composite – a porous film glued to a benign fabric. The material has the same disadvantages as natural leather.

4. Mesh.

Despite its simplicity, mesh chairs are an advanced product. Mesh is easy to wash, promotes ventilation, high strength, elastic, comfortable. Mesh on a frame with orthopedic curvature is characterized by effective support of the lumbar, other parts of the spine. Mesh may be woven, fiberglass or plastic. Depending on the material and model of the chair, you may have different degrees of plasticity, “tensioning”, stiffness.

A mesh chair.

Construction and adjustments.

1. Cross and castors.

The chair is the basis for the casters, the lifting mechanism, as well as the entire structure as a whole. Its size and shape determines the mobility and stability of furniture, and on the properties of the material and assembly – durability. The last factor is particularly important for non-repairable models.

The advantages of plastic crosspieces:

Durability if load tips are followed, low weight, affordability, abundance of shapes.

The advantages of iron crosspieces:

Sturdiness, aesthetics, greater load tolerance.

The cover plates on the spider are décor that protect the metal or plastic against dirt or damage. They are made of different materials such as rubber, plastic, wood, etc. The main aspects of the choice of pads – strength, aesthetics, cost.

The castors provide mobility of the chair. Roller manufacturing material and the presence of pads greatly affects the maneuverability and comfort of movement, depending on the type of flooring. Rubber pads on wheels not bad on clay, concrete or wood flooring, and plastic – on carpet or linoleum.

2. Height adjustment.

To adjust the height of the seat is usually one of two devices – gaslift or rotary knob. Occasionally there are models where the design is lightened, combined or upgraded. For example, a chair in the hairdresser’s.

Gazlift works like a spring, but filled with compressed gas. To raise the chair, you stand from it and press or turn the lock. The gas pushes the seat up. It is comfortable, but the lifetime of the system is very dependent on the properties of the assembly.

The rotary knob consists of a base, into which a threaded rod is screwed. Turning the seat can make it higher or lower. There is nothing to break here, but if you change the height of the seat often, the procedure takes a long time.

3. Back, armrest, and seat adjustments.


In most cases only the inclination is adjustable, but more expensive models allow you to adjust the depth and orthopedic curvature of the backrest. The design of gaming (gamer) modifications often include side support and adjustable headrest. The height of the backrest also affects comfort, but is not adjustable on all models.


This element from time to time is harmful, because the sitter, unnoticeably himself, but tries to lean on it with one elbow. This is especially true for children, in which such a seat is fraught with scoliosis. Still, elbow rests take the strain off your hands by keeping your elbows at the same height as the table top. They can be adjusted in height, tilt angle and location.

Rocking mechanism.

It is a system designed to compensate (cushion) the sudden movements of a seated person. If the user wants to change the position, to stretch and to sway, the mechanism makes these movements more comfortable. Its adjustment consists in adjusting the position and rigidity, and depends on the weight of the user.

A chair with a rocking mechanism.

The best children’s armchairs.

Children’s chairs have the fewest adjustments. Usually there is only a gazlift, which can adjust the height of the seat. The headrest and elbow rests are not implemented in these chairs, because the baby will certainly be tempted to sit up crooked, leaning against the elbow rest, and this can affect their posture. Options for the angle of inclination of the back and seat in these chairs are set in production, in accordance with the requirements. Taking into account the small weight, these chairs use a plastic chair frame.

Nowy Styl Ministyle.

Computer chair for kids, with low backrest, without headrest and armrest. Adjustments are just the right ones – seat height, inclination, depth and backrest height. Gaslift lever below right hand side, comfortable for quick height adjustment. Upholstery of seat and backrest – smooth textile fabric, with plastic trim on sides. Design – limited eye-catching. The main advantage – a good ratio of properties, price and safety.

Main features:

weight limit – eighty kilograms, the crossbar – plastic, the castors – plastic with rubber, upholstery – textile.

Pros of Nowy Styl Ministyle.

Compact size, low weight. No traumatic parts. Compact size, stability of the crossbar. Smooth operation, moderate softness of rollers. Anatomically adjusted shape of the backrest. Good gaslift and other adjustments. Cute design. Convenient to the touch, firm upholstery. Simple, solid construction. Accessibility.

Minuses Nowy Styl Ministyle.

No seat rotation lock.

Conclusion. Estimating this model, buyers say the quality of upholstery, successful plastic framing and design. Also noted the ease of assembly, smooth running wheels, convenient options, the reliability of the construction as a whole. The only flaw detected is related to the impossibility of rotation limitation. Recommended for children of primary school age.

Official KD-2.

The base of the design – a powerful console-tube, located in the back and aggressively fixed to the crossbar. Ergonomic backrest and seat are attached to the console independently of each other. No headrest and armrests, the armrest is small but stable, which is justified by its unusual shape. The advantage of the product is the overall simplicity and reliability of the device, thanks to which its load capacity is increased.

Main features:

weight limit – one hundred kg; chair – plastic; upholstery – synthetic fabric; adjustments – height of the back, height and depth of the seat; lifting mechanism – screw-type; no rocking mechanism; dynamic depth configuration mechanism – skids with a locking handle.

Pros of KD-2.

Compact, lightweight. Simplicity, reliability, structural stability. High load capacity. Solid, ergonomic backrest. Quick, regular seat depth adjustment.

Cons of the KD-2.

Awkward height adjustment.

Conclusion. From customer reviews, we can conclude that the sturdiness, firmness and ergonomics are the main pluses of the design. Also, users like the dynamism of the depth option and the independence of adjusting various parts. But the awkward height change is a severe disadvantage, but you get used to it quickly. Recommended for elementary and middle school age children.

The best gaming chairs.

Many hours of playing computer games involves constant stress throughout the body with the rarest, smallest breaks. Therefore, for this group of users make special types of computer chairs. These chairs have lateral support, lumbar and cervical curvature of the back (or cushions), headrest, elbow rests, rocking mechanism and maximum adjustment. These are some of the most expensive computer chairs.


Semi-professional gaming chair with iron frame and crossbar, with semi-soft castors and composite upholstery. Wide adjustments allow you to adjust the seat height, back tilt, height and angle of the arms, the elasticity of the rocking. Removable cushions – cervical and lumbar – are also height-adjustable. The center of mass is shifted forward, so tipping backwards is excluded. Distinctive features of the product – the reliability of iron construction, the possibility of a significant difference backrest backwards.

Main characteristics:

weight limitation – one hundred twenty kg; lifting mechanism – gazlift; crosspiece – metal; castors – plastic with rubber coating; elbows – plastic, on one support; back angle – up to 180°.

Advantages of COUGAR Armor ONE.

Reliability, stability. Comfortable sitting, reclining, rocking. Smooth motion.

Disadvantages of COUGAR Armor ONE.

Limited elbow adjustments. Weak locking of elbows. Lack of length of some fixing screws.

Conclusion. Virtually all customers were one hundred percent satisfied with the chair. The pluses include the highest comfort in all modes, back support, comfortable backrest adjustment. Besides not enough rigid elbow rests and the need to replace some screws, there are no shortcomings identified. One of the best options for their money, and with discounts and promotions – a candidate does not have.

AeroCool AC120 AIR RGB.

Semi-professional gaming chair with lighting, elbow rests, headrest, lumbar support, side support and a lot of adjustments. Distinguishing features – beautiful design, the overall quality of construction and materials, a comparably huge size.

Main features:

upholstery – synthetic leather; load – up to one hundred fifty kg; frame – metal; crossbar – metal; armrests – plastic; lifting mechanism – gaslift; angle of difference of backrest – up to one hundred eighty °.

Pros of AeroCool AC120 AIR RGB.

Suitable for people of the highest height. Backlighting, design, style. Perforated upholstery. Build quality, materials, devices. Wide comfortable options. Smooth silent running rollers.

Cons of AeroCool AC120 AIR RGB.

Short stroke gazlift. Unreliable fixation of elbow rests. Excessive hardness of the padding.

Conclusion. Buyers highlight the beautiful design and overall quality of the product. All elements – from casters to the headrest are made at the highest level. Comfortable to sit, lie down, work and play games.

But people of small stature say that the chair is very large, so it is not very comfortable to use. Also pointed out the “hanging out” elbow rests, not always comfortable lumbar cushion and headrest, the lack of a battery backlight. Overall, the product is great for people with large size.

Everprof Lotus S4.

Chair of Belarusian-Chinese production for computer gamers, affordable, but meets most requirements. Minimal adjustments – seat height, backrest tilt, angle and height of armrests, height of lumbar and neck cushion. Synchronous rocking mechanism, fixed in one position only. Distinguished by the overall simplicity, reliability.

The main features:

load – up to one hundred twenty kg; upholstery – fabric; armrest – metal; armrests – metal with plastic trim; castors – semi-soft, for hard cover; lifting mechanism – gazlift.

Pros of Everprof Lotus S4.

Simplicity of design. The quality of materials, devices and assembly. Quiet. The best price-performance ratio.

Cons of Everprof Lotus S4.

Inadequate functionality. Narrow options.

Conclusion. Buyers noted the ease of use, product availability, overall quality, the quality of all components. No severe shortcomings revealed. Suitable for those who spend a lot of time at the computer and does not want to overpay for unnecessary settings. Recommended for users of average height and build.

TetChair Runner.

A gaming chair of standard design. Equipped with elbow rests, the highest backrest and a rocking mechanism. Low lateral support and captivating design. The main advantage – a good price-performance ratio, taking into account the third category gaslift and composite upholstery.

Main properties:

allowable load – one hundred twenty kg; armrest – plastic; elbows – plastic; lifting mechanism – gazlift; upholstery – combination of eco-leather and fabric; adjustments – seat height, rocking hardness.

Pros of TetChair Runner.

Availability. Sturdiness, stability. Ergonomic. Dynamic height configurations.

Cons of TetChair Runner.

Build quality. Difficulty of assembling.

Conclusion. The gaming chair does its job acceptably. But almost everyone, who has assembled it without help of others, complains about the low quality of fixing parts. Besides, there is no fixation of the accidental tilt and a distinct squeak that appears when the elbows and the upholstery contact. Still, most of the buyers believe that the low price justifies all the shortcomings.

Chairman GAME 17.

Amateur gaming chair, equipped with everything you need – gaslift, weak side support, rocking mechanism. Elbow rests are finished with soft eco leather, non-adjustable. The height of the backrest is sufficient for people with height 170-175. Orthopedic curve supports the lumbar area. Distinctive features of the model – the comfort of the seat and the rocking mechanism that can be fixed in any position.

Main features:

load limit – one hundred twenty kg; elbow trim – soft; castors – plastic, rubber; cross-bar – plastic; adjustments – seat height, rocking mechanism.

Advantages of Chairman GAME 17.

Seat comfort. Comfortable fixation of the rocking mechanism. Smooth move of the wheels.

Cons of Chairman GAME 17.

Inflexible angle between the seat and backrest. Difficult assembly.

Conclusion. After analyzing customer reviews, we can conclude that, overall, the chair is not bad and really gamer. But many users have noted the poor quality of the device, right down to the inconsistency of fixing holes. But the product is very popular. They also point out the unacceptable label on the most visible place and the awkward positioning of the adjustment knobs. General recommendation – take only if there is a severe discount.

The best office computer chairs.

For office workers it is better to choose chairs with the highest back. People who work a lot on the computer, need support for the back and the ability to change position. Therefore, such chairs are equipped with the ability to change the angle of slope of the back, adjust the height of the seat and back, as well as elbow rests.

Kulik System Elegance.

Office chair, close to the features of the elite models. It has wide, detailed adjustments of the backrest, seat and elbows. Ergonomic curves and inserts in the backrest design. The relevant features of the model – the highest class, a wide range of colors, the ability to order the product to personal dimensions.

Main features:

load – up to one hundred twenty kg; upholstery – composite (artificial leather + fabric), eco-leather; armrest – shiny metal; elbows – metal + plastic with soft upholstery; lifting mechanism – gazlift, selected according to personal characteristics; rocking mechanism – asynchronous with fixation in different positions.

Advantages of Kulik System Elegance.

The largest number of adjustments. Maximum attention to orthopedic curves, inserts and adjustments. High quality materials and workmanship. Stylish beautiful design.

Cons of Kulik System Elegance.

The cost.

Conclusion. Buyers note the highest level of support for the lumbar and cervical spine, and ergonomics in general. Also draws much attention to the possibility of adjusting, “fit for yourself” almost everything you can think of. The main drawback is the price. In general, the product is suitable for those who do not want to save on their own health, or those who already have problems with the spine.

Everprof EP seven hundred and eight TM.

Model with the smallest set of adjustments, characterized by an affordable price and brevity of everything. The chair’s design is based on an iron body and a shiny armrest; the backrest is small and ergonomic, but aggressively connected to the elbows.

Main features:

load – up to one hundred twenty kg; chair – shiny metal; armrests – aggressively fixed, shiny metal with soft upholstery; castors – semi-soft, for parquet; lifting mechanism – third category gazlift; rocking mechanism – synchronous, fixed in random position; adjustments – seat height, hardness and tilt of the rocking mechanism.

Pros of Everprof EP seven hundred and eight TM.

Good value for money. Reliability, stability. Compact, INTERCAMB from Spanish to English simple design. Comfort of operation and options.

Cons of Everprof EP seven hundred and eight TM.

No back tilt adjustment.

Conclusion. Buyers do not note any significant shortcomings, but highlight the reliability, compactness and affordability. The producer assures that the chair is made for the manager, because it looks quite impressive, though compact. Will suit those who do not want to overpay for unnecessary features.

TetChair CH 888.

Regular model with minimal adjustments. In spite of plastic dominance in the base construction, a solid load limit is claimed. Affordable price and light weight.

Main features:

Upholstery – cloth; load – up to one hundred twenty kg, crossbar – plastic, elbow rests – plastic with soft pads, frame – plastic, the rocking mechanism – synchronous, lifting – gazlift.

Pros of TetChair CH 888.

Availability. Simplicity of the device.

Cons of TetChair CH 888.

Percentage of defects, affecting the assembly. Lack of adjustments. Deficient ergonomics.

Conclusion. Among the pluses, the users noted the comfort of the seat and the rocking mechanism. But those who have assembled the armchair with their own hands highlight the poor quality of fixing parts. In addition, many users say the low comfort in constant use and extra seat height. Suitable for those who do not work on the computer every day.

Everprof Nerey LB T.

Armchair with minimum options, low backrest and cast iron frame. Equipped with rocking mechanism, third-class gaslift, rigid elbow rests and orthopedic lumbar support. Distinguished by the simplicity of design and affordability.

Main features:

upholstery – leatherette; load – up to one hundred twenty kg, crossbar and frame – metal, metal arms with soft pads, lifting mechanism – gazlift, rocking mechanism – fixation in one position.

Pros of Everprof Nerey LB T.

Cast-frame reliability. Strength and aesthetics of shiny crossbar. Comfort and reliability of the upholstery in eco leather. Ergonomic lumbar support. Quiet and smooth running wheels.

Disadvantages of Everprof Nerey LB T.

Lack of options for backrest. Lack of a headrest. Impossibility of locking the rocking mechanism in a random position.

Conclusion. Users note the simplicity, reliability and affordability of this model. The chair is suitable for office workers or home use.

TetChair CH9944.

An armchair with a high, wide backrest, glossy armrest and soft covers on the plastic elbow pads. Small adjustments – the height of the seat, the hardness of the rocking mechanism. Features elegant unobtrusive design, ergonomics, comfort.

Main features:

Weight limit – one hundred twenty kg; upholstery – leatherette, imitation leather; frame – plastic; crossbar – metal, chrome; armrests – dark plastic, soft pads; ergonomics – lumbar support, headrest; seat elevation – gaslift; rocking mechanism – synchronous, fixed in one position.

The advantages of TetChair CH9944.

Reasonable price. Elegance and comfort.

Disadvantages of TetChair CH9944.

Difficult assembly. Lack of strength of artificial leather. Narrow adjustments.

Conclusion. Buyers note that the chair looks “much more expensive than it costs,” it is comfortable and fully suitable for people with sizes above average. But in fact, everyone who assembled it without the help of others, talks about the poor quality of parts of the fastener. There are also complaints about the sharp appearance of abrasions on the upholstery and the lack of locking mechanism rocking in a random position.

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